過  往  活  動

Performance in Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra - Elim Chan & Martin Grubinger陳以琳與葛魯賓格:撃動・舞動 喝采

January 09, 2020

Kalevi AHOSieidi, Percussion Concerto (Asia Premiere)

STRAVINSKYFuneral SongListen

STRAVINSKYPetrushka (1947)Listen

The new Chief Conductor of the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, Hong Kong-born conductor Elim Chan directs this thrilling concert of musical fireworks. Finnish composer Kalevi Aho is fascinated with instrumental colour and effect, and with his concerto for percussion, he unleashes the whole panoply of percussion sounds from the explosive to the caressing. By way of contrast, Stravinsky offers a moment of intense emotion in his recently-rediscovered memorial on the death of his teacher Rimsky-Korsakov, and the sumptuous colour of a spectacular ballet score Petrushka.

卡萊維・ 阿霍《靈石》,敲擊樂協奏曲(亞洲首演)




Performance in Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra - Paddington Bear concert 柏靈頓熊首場音樂會

September 27, 2019

Herbert CHAPPELL Paddington Bear’s First Concert

POULENCLes Animaux modèles

COPLANDThe Red Pony Suite: Happy Ending

Michael Bond’s charming stories about a bear with a taste for marmalade sandwiches has gone from story book to cartoon to the big screen, but in this charming musical tale, with a hugely attractive score by Herbert Chappell, the whole family can join in Paddington’s adventures. Poulenc’s delightful ballet score brings a whole host of animals – from ants and grasshoppers to lions and bears – to vivid musical life.




米高· 龐德筆下的小說角色柏靈頓,由童話故事書走上大銀幕,人見人愛。英國作曲家查培爾,就以音符重寫這個家傳戶曉的故事,精彩動聽。浦朗克出色的芭蕾舞劇作品,就以音樂把小至螞蟻、草蜢,大至獅子、熊人等各種動物,活現眼前!

Performance in Jean Yves Fourmeau Recital

July 31, 2019

Duo Performance with Jena-Yves Fourmeau - Pequena Czardas by Pedro Itrurralde

Duo Performance with Wang Nei Wei - Art, Culture and Music at the Airport 2019 @ The Hong Kong International Airport/仲夏音樂滙機場2019

July 16, 2019



Program :


A thousand years
Nothing gonna change my love
Versace on the floor
Eyes on me
I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing
Canton-pop love song medley
First Love




Program :

Jazzin’ the Classics
Beethoven in Havana
Swing the Für Elise
Jazz Fantasy on Mozart
Moonlight Sonata in Boogie Woogie
Waltz in C# minor
Jazz up the Chopin
J. AZZ Bach
Rachmaninov Concerto No2 Jazz
Pequena Czardas

Performance in Hong Kong Sinfonietta : Cool Summer Festival - Know Your Brass (N.B. Tuba!)

July 04, 2019

Program :

=5 July (Fri)=


Monteverdi - L’Orfeo: Toccata

Handel - Water Music: Alla Hornpipe

Vaughan Williams - Tuba Concerto in F minor

Beethoven - Leonore Overture No 2, Op 72a

Wagner - Rienzi Overture

Monti - Csárdás (Arranged for Tuba by Øystein Baadsvik)

Schumann - Symphony No 3 in E-flat, Op 97, “Rhenish” (excerpts)

Bernstein - On the Town: Three Dance Episodes


=6 July (Sat)=


Monteverdi - L’Orfeo: Toccata

Handel - Water Music: Alla Hornpipe

Jan Koetsier - Concertino for Tuba & String Orchestra, Op 77 (1978/1982)

Beethoven - Leonore Overture No 2, Op 72a

Weber - Der Freischütz  Overture

Bizet/Sarasate - Carmen: Danse Bohème (Arranged for Tuba by Laurent Arandel)

Rimsky-Korsakov - Russian Easter Overture, Op 36

Bernstein - On the Town: Three Dance Episodes

Did you know that if you stretch out all the twists and coils, a tuba would be taller than three men standing on top of one another? Imagine playing this massive instrument! Tuba virtuoso Thomas Leleu is coming to Hong Kong bearing the gift of not one but TWO exciting programmes showcasing this gigantic shiny instrument and its cousins the trumpet, French horn and trombone. Join him and conductor Perry So on a 400-year journey to explore the exhilarating array of brass music played on the orchestra’s brightest, shiniest, loudest instruments!

Guest player in Dennis & Hana Debut Concert 2019

June 25, 2019

Performance in Hong Kong Philharomic Orchestra : Jazz with Michel Camilo/米蓋·卡米洛:一夜爵士

June 13, 2019



Danzón no. 2


Piano Concerto no. 1 (HK premiere)


Estancia Suite


Rhapsody in Blue

Not everyone can cross the boundaries of Latin, jazz and classical music with ease, but this is what Dominican pianist and composer Michel Camilo is celebrated for. Having performed worldwide with jazz legends and prestigious symphony orchestras, Camilo is teaming up with his Grammy-award winning partner, conductor Ernest Martinez Izquierdo, in this Latin jazz concert. In his Hong Kong debut, he will perform his Piano Concerto no.1 which features his powerful virtuoso piano playing and jazzy American sounds, and Gershwin’s all-time favourite Rhapsody in Blue. 











Performance in Hong Kong Wind Philharmonia Annual Concert

June 01, 2019


Programme Includes:


威廉斯 - 摩托車詼諧曲

John Williams - Scherzo for Motorcycle


盧厚敏博士 - 儺舞 (世界首演 🎶)

Dr. Lo Hau-Man - Nuo Wu (Ritual Dance) (World Premiere)


威廉斯 - 薩克管協奏曲《冒險》(選自電影《捉智雙雄》)

John Williams - Escapades for Alto Saxophone and Band (from Catch Me If You Can)


馬丁 - 管樂團交響曲《遙遠》(香港首演 🎉)

Michael Martin - Lontano: Symphony for Wind Ensemble (Hong Kong Premiere)

Performance in Hong Kong Sinfonietta : The Art of the Trumpet: Haydn & Jolivet/非凡小號:海頓與祖利維

April 26, 2019

ConductorChuang Tung-chieh

TrumpetTamás Pálfalvi


Program :


Funeral Song, Op 5 (Hong Kong première)


Trumpet Concerto No 2


Trumpet Concerto in E-flat, Hob VIIe:1


The Firebird Suite (1919 version)


小號柏法維 Tamás Pálfalvi








降E大調小號協奏曲,Hob VIIe:1



Performance in Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra : Swire Classic Insights Michael Nyman 75th Birthday—Beyond The Piano 尼曼75歲誕辰音樂會──《鋼琴別戀》以外的音樂世界

March 23, 2019

Michael Nyman 75th Birthday—Beyond The Piano

One of Britain's most innovative and celebrated composers, Michael Nyman has had a long-lasting collaborative partnership with filmmaker Peter Greenaway, and is probably best-known for his multi-platinum soundtrack album to Jane Campion's The Piano. 

This programme features a selection of Nyman’s compositions. Apart from the opener In Re Don Giovanni which is a deconstruction of Mozart’s Don Giovanni, all the other compositions are either taken directly from, or derived from, his most famous soundtracks.

On the Fiddle for solo violin and string orchestra comprises three movements, each of which is derived from his scores for the Peter Greenaway films The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover (1989), A Zed & Two Noughts (1985) and Prospero’s Books (1990). 

The final work, Where the Bee Dances, is also derived from Prospero’s Books. This saxophone concerto features Simon Haram, a member of the Michael Nyman Band. 





Performance in North American Saxophone Alliance region 3 conference - Recital & Performance

March 16, 2019

Recital program :

Locus II ( World Premiere)
Composed by : Jacky Leung


Alto saxophone : Jacky Leung
Pianist : Casey Gene Dierlam


Fate 命 (World Premiere) 
Composed by : Jacky Leung

Alto saxophone : Jacky Leung


Dance of the Yao Tribe 瑤族舞曲- For Saxophone Duo with piano and percussion
Dedicated to 2019 North American Saxophone Alliance Region 3 conference & Dr. Kenneth Tse


Composed by : Liu Tieshan, Mao Yuan
Arranged by : Jacky Leung 

Soprano saxophone : Kenneth Tse
Alto saxophone : Jacky Leung
Percussion : Winnie Chiu

Saxophone recital & masterclass in Beijing International Saxophone week & China Annual Saxophone Congress.

January 23, 2019

大師班及獨奏音樂會 - 北京國際薩克斯管藝術週暨第四屆全國薩克斯管大會年會

Program :

1. 卡門幻想曲Fantaisie Brillante sur des airs de ‘Carmen’ by François BORNE 作曲:弗朗索瓦.博尔纳
2. XIWIND by Philippe GEISS 作曲:菲利普盖斯  
3. Pequena Czardas by Pedro ITURRALDE 作曲:佩德罗·伊图拉尔德  
4. The Carnival of Venice by Jules DEMERSSEMAN 作曲: 德马斯曼 arranged by Frederick HEMKE 改编:汉姆克

Performance in Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra : Zhang Haochen Plays Rachmaninov

January 17, 2019

香港管弦樂團特約樂師演出: 張昊辰的拉赫曼尼諾夫

Performance in HKPhil Musical gift for you in 2019

January 03, 2019


HKPhil Musical gift for you in 2019



On The Town: Three Dance Episodes




Violin Concerto




West Side Story: Symphonic Dances





Solo performance in Sonata for Wind Orchestra - The Greater Bay by Hong Kong Festival Wind Orchestra

November 16, 2018

Workshop & performance with Birdian Saxophone ensemble, Kuala Lumpur Performing Art Centre, Malaysia

August 28, 2018

Program :

1.  XIWIND by Philippe GEISS – Solo Alto saxophone

2.  Pequena Czardas by Pedro ITURRALDE (Spain) - Solo Alto saxophone with Birdian saxophone ensemble

3.  Fantasia on Lyun Joon Kim's Elegy by Richard DUDAS (Korea) - Solo Alto saxophone with Birdian saxophone ensemble

4.  Tea Break by UZU (Japan) - Solo Alto saxophone with Birdian saxophone ensemble

5. Can’t take my eyes off you – Jacky Leung & Birdian saxophone ensemble

Recital & Masterclass in Mahidol University, Thailand

August 25, 2018


Program : 

Pequeña Czarda for Alto Saxophone and Piano - Pedro ITURRALDE 

"XIWIND" wind stories - Philippe Geiss

Four Pictures from New York - Roberto MOLINELLI
  - Tango Club

Duet performance with Huang Nai Wei in Hong Kong Classics 2018: Art, Culture and Music @ The Hong Kong International Airport

July 10, 2018

1 Gloucester Road Musicals in Concerts

July 07, 2018

《告士打道一號》Musicals in Concert香港演藝學院校友會音樂會!




陳湛文 司儀
陳秉智 低音大提琴
文曦 小號

黃子健 燈光設計
楊我華 音響設計
閻韻 聯合監製
甘玉儀 聯合監製
王耀祖 藝術顧問

陳浩堅 結他
陳國浩 長號
譚景謙 鍵盤


節目查詢請致電2584 8385 或電郵

Performance in Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra : Celebrate Bernstein On Broadway! 香港管弦樂團特約樂師演出 : 伯恩斯坦–百老匯之夜!

July 05, 2018

Broadway hits including New York, New York, Glitter and be Gay, Maria and more....


Marking the centenary of one of America’s greatest musical icons, HK Phil close their season with a dazzling, colourful and glitzy parade of Leonard Bernstein’s greatest Broadway musical hits, including New York, New York, Glitter and be Gay, Maria and more. 


Performance in Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra : West Side Story In Concert !香港管弦樂團特約樂師演出 :夢斷城西音樂會

June 28, 2018

​West Side Story Complete film with live orchestral music


Saxophone Recital & Workshop in Shan Tou University

May 17, 2018


Performance in Hong Kong Philharnonic Orchestra : Cirque de la Symphonie

May 10, 2018

Performance in Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra : Christmas for Family

December 22, 2017

香港管弦樂團特約樂師演出 :聖诞家庭樂

Perform with Mr. Joel Goh and conduct in the joint performance of MCF band & West Symphonia, Singapore

December 16, 2017

Perform & conduct in a joint performance of Music Children Foundation band and Singapore West Symphonia with Mr. Joel Goh

Performance in Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra : Thibaudet Plays Gershwin

December 14, 2017

香港管弦樂團特約樂師演出 :蒂博代的歌舒詠


Who could resist the enticing prospect of Gershwin played by the chic and sophisticated Thibaudet?

Performance in Sinfonietta : McDull ∙ Pictures at a Concert

November 30, 2017


Performance in Sinfonietta : Great Violin Concertos: Richard Lin Plays Korngold

November 17, 2017


Music Director & Conductor of Children Music Foundation musicals

November 02, 2017


Saxophone Quartet concert with Tai Chung Phlharmonic Wind Ensemble

August 25, 2017


Program : 

United Colors of Saxophones by Philippe Geiss

Sax in the City by Alain Crepin

Saxophone masterclass & recital in Mahidol University, Thailand

August 12, 2017


Program : 

- Paul Bonneau / Caprice en Forme de Valse
- Charles Koechlin / 15 Etudes pour Saxophone et Piano, Op. 188 - Movement II, III, IX & X
- Christian Lauba / Neuf études pour saxophones - Balafon
- Fernande Decruck / Sonata in C sharp Major - IV. Nocturne et Final

Lao Shan Art Lecture talk in Qing Dao Grand Theatre - In love with Saxophone

August 04, 2017

青島大劇院嶗山藝術講堂演講 - 情迷薩克斯




Philharmonia APA performance in Art, Culture & Music at the Airport 2017

July 05, 2017

Philharmonia APA 在藝術、文化與音樂巡禮在機場 2017

June, 2017 - Performance in the Kowloon Rotary Club Annual Fund Raising Concert


Performance in VIENNA with Philharmonia APA

April 28, 2017

與Philharmonia APA於維也納演出

Performance with Dr Stephen Page, Texa University & Hong Kong Youth Saxophone Choir

March 18, 2017


Performance in Philharmonia APA debut concert

February 16, 2017

參與Philharmonia APA成立音樂會演出

Performance in Radio Television Hong Kong - Cantilena, presented by Nancy Loo

January 06, 2017


December, 2016 - Guest performing artist for the Annual Best Of Car

HKAA 香港汽車大獎 暨 香港賽車頒獎典禮表演嘉賓

Guest Saxophone quartet member in 2016 Taiwan Asian Saxophone Congress opening concert

December 13, 2016

2016 第一屆亞洲薩克斯風大會開幕音樂會四重奏表演嘉賓

Solo performance in Asia Pacific Saxophone Academy

August 01, 2016


Duet Performance with Dr. Nathan Bogert, Ballstate University

January 28, 2016


Soloist of Tak Ming Philharmonic Winds in 2014 16th Guangzhou Angel June 1 concert

May 24, 2014


October, 2013 - Music China

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