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He plays with such inspiration and passion.

— Striding On,

Hong Kong Jockey Club,  January 2020

Jacky Leung is one of the most active young classical and pop Hong Kong-born saxophonists.  

Jacky had given performances and masterclass in many institutes and events namely Qingdao Grand Theatre, Mahidol University, Shantou University, Kuala Lumpur Performing Art Centre, Beijing International Saxophone week & China Annual Saxophone Congress and the North American Saxophone Alliance (NASA) Region 3 Conference etc.  In 2017, he has served as jury member of the Elbe Valley International Music Festival.  

In 2019, Jacky won the 2nd prize of Concerto competition & 3rd prize in the Solo Wind Instrument in 20th Osaka International Music Competition. Besides, Jacky also performed with a number of renowned artists including Kenneth Tse, Jean-Yves Fourmeau, Philippe Geiss, Vincent David etc.

Jacky composed varieties of pieces for school or commercial parties, which got high acclaims.  He has premiered his composition, “Locus II” & “Fate” in the NASA Conference in 2019 together with his own arrangement of Chinese repertoire “Tribe of Yao Dance ” played with Kenneth Tse.


Jacky is currently the Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong International Single Reed Association,

Music Director of the Music Children Foundation

and freelance saxophonist of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and the Hong Kong Sinfonietta.

His musical improvisation brings endless imagination with such grandeur and spontaneous response to both musicians and audiences.

—— Qing Dao TV Dangjian Channel, “Lao Shan Art Lecture”

He influences life through music, enhances self-worth of the less privileged children.

—— East Magazine, July 2018


He plays with such inspiration and passion.

—— Striding On, Hong Kong Jockey Club,  January 2020