So thrilled to have been awarded the 2nd prize of Concerto Competition for all instruments and 3rd prize of Woodwind Section (Open Class) with my own composition, “Locus II” at the 20th Osaka International Music Competition.
Thank you very much for all your supports along my music journey.


第20回大阪国際音楽コンクールでコンチェルト部門2位、木管楽器部門(オープンクラス)では私自身の作品「Locus II」で3位を受賞し大変嬉しく光栄に思っております。




木管公開組———憑著自己的作品”Locus II”獲得第三名


12th October, 2019

It was such an honour to be invited as special guest to conduct masterclass and recital in the North American Saxophone Alliance (NASA) region 3 conference in the University of Minnesota from 15th-17th March 2019.

The audience very well received the world premiere of my two compositions, 'Locus II' with piano and 'Fate' with multimedia.  I am also very grateful to have Dr Kenneth Tse playing my saxophone duo arrangement of ‘Dance of the Yao Tribe’ 「瑤族舞曲」with me which I believe people from the other side of the world will understand more about our Chinese Art and Culture.

Last but not the least, special thanks to the host of the conference Dr. Preston Duncan for his invitation, super arrangement and hospitality.

*This project is supported by the Arts Development Fund of the Home Affairs Bureau, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

16th - 17th March, 2019

I am thrilled to announce that I have won the 2nd runner-up of Open Session, Solo Wind Instrument, 19th Osaka International Music Competition.

Thank you Minatsu Kanazawa for your beautiful piano accompaniment and thank you for all the support from my family and friends.

6th October, 2018

I am so blessed that Miss Lee Tsz Yan and I were admitted  to the final round of the Osaka International Music Competition and we will fly to Japan in this coming October. 


Thank you Wyman WAT for writing such a nice Duo for Saxophone and Bangu for us and I am sure it will be very impressive and can promote the Chinese music culture in Japan.  Looking forward to this coming challenge !!

August, 2017

* This new work is commissioned by Hong Kong International Saxophone Society in 2017 with sponsorship from CASH Music Fund.
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Aug 1, 2017



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