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Date: 28-29th Feb, 2024

Venue : Sheung Wan Civic Centre, Theatre
地點 : 上環文娛中心劇院
Event : HIT
活動 :【東撞西】音樂會

​Role :  
Artistic Director, Producter, Saxophone Player 
角色 :藝術總監,音樂會監製,蕯克斯管樂手


Composer scheme.jpg

Date : 25th May, 2024
Venue : The Box, Free Space, West Kowloon Cultural District
Event : HKPhil – The Robert H.N Ho Family Foundation HK Composer Scheme Showcase 香港管弦樂團何鴻毅家族基金作曲家計劃演出 - Saxophone Soloist 蕯克斯管獨奏 


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